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Reasons to Invest in Easy English

George lost one arm to cancer before he came on our mission trip to India. He took these photos shortly before he died at age 33. He taught us to walk slowly and see people how God sees them. At Easy English, we believe each person matters. God loves us ALL.

Monthly Donations

Note: This Payment will be charged to you on a monthly basis.




Eternal Value

God is already using English worldwide… we are joining Him in outreach to his people.

Economic Value

Christian Cottage Schools is currently able to provide copiers, office space, utilities and phones to the ministry. This means more of your dollar goes into the hands of the teachers and the children.


Teach My Children English is a hand-up not a hand-out ministry. Easy English is a leave-behind program to help people to help themselves through learning and teaching others.

High Yield

Easy English improves English speaking quickly. We train and supply teachers and leaders who are able to impact thousands of children. Give Now!

Changing the World one lesson at a time…

Children who can speak English clearly are more likely to:

  • Walk away from poverty into a global economy.
  • Be saved from child slavery.
  • Be saved from sex trafficking.
  • Bring hope and help to the hurting in their community
Teach Easy English visitor activity