Teach Easy English

Learn to Read with Easy English! Overcoming Dyslexia


EASY for everyone!

Teaches only one sound-at-a-time. Builds new words with every lesson. All sounds and spellings are taught in the three levels.

  1. Level One is kindergarten-first grade
  2. Level Two is second grade
  3. Level Three is third grade +

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Excellent for ALL ages!

Uses basic words to make short stories that are fun to read. Games and songs keep the joy in the journey.

Ears are trained to hear the sounds and use them well.

Rhythm exercises keep the learning strong.


Classroom Teachers Love it!

Language exercises make the comprehension strong and teach speaking skills.

Word lists apply the spelling. (Use rhythm for handwriting skills too.)

Worksheets are included for grammar applications.

Ideal help for dyslexia!

  1. Proven sound-based approach teaching phonograms.
  2. Many Autistic learners do well with this program.
  3. Improves visual processing, auditory processing, language development, speech, articulation, reading comprehension and writing skills.

Check out our curriculum.