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Learn English Online For Free

Easy English helps dyslexic children by teaching only one letter and sound at a time. With Dyslexia, letters and sounds get tangled in the brain making reading very difficult. Dyslexia is a common reading problem.

Easy English helps dyslexia by using rhythm lessons to make the brain connect to letters and sounds. Students simply answer in echo to the video lessons. Easy to do and fun for you. Each sound is introduced with practice drills to prevent any auditory confusion.

We can all remember how to sing our ABC’s. Rhythm and song cause long term memory. When drills are taught with rhythm, the brain receives and remembers well. Easy English lessons repeat sounds to a rhythm. This causes the brain to retain the lesson.

After a new sound is drilled,  then new words are practiced one sound at a time. Then the story is read to rhythm, one sentence at a time. After the story is mastered, students answer questions in complete sentences. This is good language practice.

Lastly, the lesson ends with a fun song, poem, or game to practice reading and rhythm skills in a practical manner.

Learn English Online For Free

Teach Easy English visitor activity