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Learn English Online For Free

Our ministry was launched by a predawn alert from God. Teri actually had the privilege of hearing the thundering voice of God one dark December morning in 2010… “Teach My Children English!” Now we are offering one of the best English courses for free!

Teach My Children English, Inc. was founded to help instruct teachers and ministry leaders for free how to use the Easy English program with the poor. People could now learn to speak English online for free.  You won’t need a spoken English course near you, because we bring the English lessons to you for free. The videos teach you by one sound at a time to pronounce an American English accent.

Easy English materials are now in use all over the world changing lives one lesson at a time.  Speaking American English provides jobs worldwide. People who speak English well can leave poverty behind. Would you like to develop an American accent?

A Reading and English Program that almost ANYONE can teach successfully?

Easy English is amazing! This is one of the best online English Courses. This program trains the brain and ear first. Then the student can hear sounds, focus their attention, and pronounce the English Easily. You will receive free English lessons.

  1. Speaking English clearly is the goal. This is the best website to learn English well. Easy English teaches basic English to children, adults and all in between.
  • This is a completely portable program which means you can teach adults, children or your family.
  • Lots of fun activities for all ages to do. (Many hours of video instruction, match the books and teach the lessons for you.)
  • Includes reading/ grammar/ spelling too.
  • In the field, the 71-lesson curriculum is typically delivered 2-3 times per week over 12-24 months. You will be able to provide and online spoken English course to anyone.
  • This is the best English course because you use video, games, songs and poems to practice the patterns of Easy English.
  • Use Easy English in ministry, community development, or as a micro-business.
  • What makes Easy English special? We train the ear to hear and the mouth to speak. This is why you will speak American English fluently. You will learn the American accent online.

Don’t wait, this is the day to start speaking English well. You will learn to speak with an American Accent online training for free. Hurry, this offer is limited.

Teach Easy English visitor activity