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Learn English Online For Free

Learning English Saves Lives!

Learn US accent online for free at teacheasyenglish.org. You can develop an American accent with our rhythm exercises and pronunciation activities. This program is the best online class for English speaking. We teach only one sound or spelling pattern at a time. Then we do exercises to train the ear and mouth to speak well. Then we learn a story, then we answer questions in English sentences. Lastly, we sing songs and play games with the new sound for practice and pleasure.

This program is great for advanced beginners – get a free English Course. This course will also help adults to speak English well. Sounds are taught in a careful sequence. Simply start the lessons, and you will make fast progress.

When you complete a level, you will find that you have a much better American English accent. Then you can speak with Americans and be easily understood. Did you know that Speaking English can save lives? Children in poor countries may be sold into marriages or sex trafficking, but when they have English speaking skills, they can earn money for their family. They can even beg well!

Two large ministries started in India and Africa because a little child spoke English well when begging from an American. The child was able to speak about the needs and the ministry came alongside to help. Cell phones are still used in places like Zambia where people live in grass huts, without electricity.  If the phone can stream a lesson, you can learn Easy English for free on a cell phone. The lessons are created to speak back, so it’s like having an English teacher online for free.

The following story is true. Many girls are sold into sex slavery or unhappy marriages in India by poor parents. Here is what one father said to the English-speaking school where his daughter attended:

“I didn’t know if we would keep her. I used to think we would sell her away, but now that my daughter knows English, I think she can be of help to us.” I rewound the video that was playing. Did I just hear that Indian man say that he was going to sell his own daughter before she learned to speak English? The documentary film was made by OM India. It was starring my friend, Mrs. J’ Kumar. They were explaining the value of an English education for girls.  Learning English literally saves lives in third world countries!

Teach Easy English visitor activity