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Ever since that day, when God awakened me with the thundering sounds of His Voice, saying “Teach MY children English!” I began asking every missionary and every mission organization I could find to learn how to accomplish this “mission/vision.” We finally made a nonprofit organization called, “Teach My Children English.” We designed a program we call Easy English to fulfill the mission. We made this a free English download to help you help yourself.

Easy English helps people learn to speak English like an American. We instruct primary English teachers worldwide in clear pronunciation skills through advanced brain-training techniques.  Rhythm and rhyme help the brain to retain new information and connect the learning pathways. This makes this the best website to learn English. Our materials can be held in front of a class or a village and read together. You will be able to hear live spoken English online for free.

Our Purpose: We want to help you to learn English online for free. Then you will have more opportunities for employment in a global economy when you can pronounce English well. Our brain training program will give you’re a free spoken English course.

Our motto: Keeping the love in learning. We have added games and songs to each lesson to bring joy into the learning journey.

Easy English users are currently many nations worldwide. We are changing the lives! Please add your nation to our growing list by ordering your free English course now!

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Pakistan
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Mexico
  7. Japan
  8. Philippines
  9. Cambodia
  10. Vietnam
  11. Turkey
  12. Thailand
  13. Tanzania
  14. Myanmar
  15. Columbia
  16. Uganda
  17. Morocco
  18. Malaysia
  19. Nepal
  20. Ivory Coast
  21. Malawi
  22. Tunisia
  23. Haiti
  24. Papua New Guinea
  25. Hong Kong
  26. Finland
  27. Mongolia
  28. Jamaica
  29. Namibia
  30. French Guinea

Watch for more information coming to you about how you can be a part of what God is doing through this new outreach to the children of the world.

Teach Easy English visitor activity