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Teach Easy English visitor activity This is one of the best online English courses
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We have heard this report from teachers in China, in India, and even in the United States. What is it that makes Easy English of the best online English-speaking course?

  1. Multi-media: Easy English uses video, games, songs, children-performers and colorful pictures to illustrate each lesson.
  2. Color and illustration: Each picture/ sound is taught through an image to cause the shape and design of the letter to look like a picture. This keeps it in long memory stored in the right hemisphere of the brain.
  3. Use of action: Every sound and spelling pattern is taught by children with actions. This allows the kinetic intelligence to activate.
  4. Use of stories: Every sound has its own story in which the new sound is used over and over. The story and the repetition make it easy to learn and remember.
  5. Echo instruction: Teachers do not need to speak English well to instruct the children. Rather, the instructor can simply use a projector and speaker and play the program aloud for the students. All ages can repeat the lesson phrase by phrase on the beat. Then you will be one of the best teachers of one of the best English courses!
  6. Simple to complex: Even the alphabet is taught lesson-by-lesson letter-by-letter. No need to master the letters and sounds first as the program will teach each one step-by-step.
  7. Quick progress: Because the lessons are carefully sequenced, the progress is smooth and quick. Language skills improve with every lesson.
  8. Simple and fun repetition drills: The songs and rhythm games attached to each lesson help students want to practice their new sounds.
  9. FUN! Easy English is a course that causes students to smile. They enjoy the cute stories, the fun games and the activities.
  10. Easy-to-do Grammar activities are also included along with spelling systems. This gives you free English Learning opportunities.

Truly this is one of the best online English courses and it’s free!

Teach Easy English visitor activity